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Citylife magazine is published by Trisila Company Limited, which founded the Chiang Mai Newsletter in 1991. In 2002 the Chiang Mai Newsletter officially changed its name to Citylife, and is now the widest read English language publication in the north of Thailand.

Trisila Company Limited is a family run business founded by the Chairman, John Shaw MBE., the retired Honorary British Consul in Chiang Mai. The company is managed today by his half Thai daughter Pim Kemasingki who is the current Managing Editor.

Trisila has over 85 staff, both Thai and international. Citylife magazine is published once a month and is widely read throughout the north of Thailand. Trisila's graphic design department also creates web sites (including search engine optimisation and other online marketing), branding, brochures, publications and many other print and online media products for clients within and outside Thailand. Trisila Company Limited is a fun, vibrant and young company dedicated to offering design, marketing, language, web and media solutions to hundreds of clients in the north of Thailand and beyond.

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