Global warming is a reality. Though there is still raging debate as to its source, its effects and its solutions, Citylife feels that we are in the position to create awareness about this phenomenon and have therefore decided to take our companies, Trisila Company Limited and Asia News Watch, carbon neutral in 2008. We know that being a SME, our carbon offsetting will have no great effect on global warming, but hope that through the raising of awareness, we can set an example, and help others to perhaps follow along this path.

The following are some easy steps which you and your company can take so that you too can leave no carbon footprints:

1. Reduce your emissions as much as possible The first and most important step is to try and reduce your daily carbon emissions; for example, switching off lights when not in use, purchase energy-saving equipment, drive less, install energy-efficiency upgrades and retrofits to office buildings, etc. To this end, Citylife is having our office redesigned in 2008 to be energy efficient and we are also training our staff in recycling and saving of energy.

2. Choose which emissions you wish to offset such as business travel emissions, electricity emissions, paper use emissions, etc. Each business is different. For us, printing 12,000 copies of Citylife each month, our bulk of carbon emission comes from the use of paper. It is important to understand where in your business the emissions are coming from and calculate them accordingly.

3. Gather all data for calculation Before you can calculate the carbon emissions of your organisation, you need to collect all data concerning the emissions, such as the distance between home and office for all staff, what engines and fuel they use, the amount of electricity used in your office, the distance of air travel, etc.

4. Calculate your emissions To calculate your emissions, you can choose a number of free online carbon calculators for each of the emissions you have identified. Some carbon calculators are specific for just one emission source like air travel; others will allow you to calculate the emissions from more than one source. Links and downloads for calculation tools include:

5. Choose offsetting solutions After you get your total emissions figure, you have to decide which solution you will use to offset your carbon emissions. There are various solutions such as energy efficiency, renewable energy, forest restoration, fuel replacement, transportation efficiency, etc. For Citylife, we decided to work with FORRU (Forest Restoration Research Unit) based here in Chiang Mai. Not only will our emissions be offset, but FORRU plants indigenous plants in a framework system which is aimed at bringing back and revitalising an entire ecosystem. Please find out more by visiting www.forru.org.

Special offer for Citylife clients!

Citylife is pleased to offer all advertisers in Citylife magazine a 10% discount if you join us in going carbon neutral. Please feel free to contact us at info@chiangmaicitylife.com for further information.

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ҡͧøáԨҴ硢ͧ Եҫ͹ ѹ ѨӤѭ Դš͹ҡѡ ѧ 蹵 ʶҹó¡û١ѧ ҹ ö ¤ âǴ ûǹͧҡ ǧ 㹻Ѩغѹҧ ҡԵӹ֡ ТͻԺѵԧ س ͧ ͧس÷ ͡Ŵҫ͹鵡ҧҡ Ԩҧ س繹Ԩ ͹·ش ѧ

1.Ŵѧҹ û¡ҫ͹ ͧԨ㹪Ե Шѹ ҡشҷз ҷ Դ, ͧ俿 Ѵѧҹ 㹺ҹ 駵Դ ػó Ѵѧҹ ӹѡҹ, Ŵѹ ҡԹҧ

͡ҡ Citylife ӡ͡ẺӹѡҹͧѺѺŴ ѧҹ俿 ҧ ѧ١ѧԵӹ֡ ͧ ѡҹ ء㹡ûѴѧҹ С觵ҧ ӡѺ ҧջԷҾա 

2.͡Ŵû¡ҫ͹ҡԨس ҷ Թҧ, ͧ俿, д 駹 վ Ե Citylife 繨ӹǹ 12,000 Ѻ͹ ˵عҫ͹ Դҡ ԨüԵ еվ дɨ֧繡Ԩ ѧ˹ѡ ͷ᷹ û¡ҫ͹ͧͧ Ѻ Ӥѭ ҧǴ 㹡÷ӤҸáԨͧس դ ͧ ѺԨ͡ʻ¡ҫ͹Ԩ ѡ ФԴӹdz ֧÷᷹û¡ҫѧ

¡ҧ зҧҡҹѧ ӧҹͧѡҹء ʹҾѡҹФѹ ԧ , ӹǹͧͧ俿ӹѡҹ, СԹҧ ͧԹ

4.ӹdzҢͧû¡ҫ͹ͧسͧ سö 䫵 ö¤سӹdz Թ ͤӹdz Ţ ͧ ҫ͹س 繼ѹ ͡ҨҡԨҧѹ ͡ 䫵ҧ䫵 öӹdzԨ û ҫ͹ Ẻ ੾Ш§˹觡Ԩ Թҧ ҧҡ зҧ䫵 ö ӹǹҡ˹觷 ԧѧ 䫵 ѧ仹 繵ҧͧ ͧ 㹡äӹdz ᵡҧ͡


5.͡Ըա÷᷹û¡ҫ͹ - ѧҡŢ ҫ͹ͧسҡ äӹdzͧ䫵ѧ سͧ
ѴԹ ͡Ԩê¡û¡ҫ͹ͧس 駹 Ԩ ´ѧմ¡ѹٻẺ ҷԡûѴѧҹ, ѧҹع¹ ͡ùӾѧҹѺ, û١ ᷹, ѧҹҧ͡;ѧҹ᷹, Ŵ ԧ㹡Թҧ, ҧἹԹҧ ͻѴ ѹ 繵 Ѻ Citylife ҵѴԹҹѺ ˹Ԩ¿鹿ٻ (Forest Restoration Research Unit FORRU) ӹѡҹ ѧѴ § § ʹѺʹعͧ ѧǨз 鷴᷹ û ҫ͹ͧ ѧöͧ 㹡 鹿 Ѻشóҧ׹ա سö Ԩҧ Тͧ˹Ԩ¿鹿 䫵 www.forru.org

Ѻ١ Citylife

ҡҹ໭ Go Carbon Neutral Ѻ Citylife Թ Ŵŧɳ㹹Ե÷ѹ 10% Դ info@chiangmaicitylife.com

Go carbon neutral!

Since 1994 Chiang Mai Universitys Forest Restoration Unit (FORRU) has been developing techniques to restore tropical forests to degraded areas in northern Thailand.

FORRU has tested more than 400 local candidate tree species in the nursery and the field to determine the ones most suitable for restoring evergreen forests. From 1998-2007 FORRU and villagers in the Hmong village of Ban Mae Sa Mai in Doi Suthep-Pui National Park have planted more than 77,000 trees on 154 rai.

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Film for Trees

Citylife, to celebrate the Oscars season, as well as to raise funds to continue and expand on our carbon neutral initiative, will hold an outdoors movie night in our garden on 17th March from 6 p.m. The film will be Oscar contender Up in the air. We will provide chairs and a mat, but if you wish to bring your own cushions, deckchairs or anything else, that would be great. Tickets are 200 baht per person with one popcorn/soft drink combo as well as a chance to play fun games to win silly prizes. Onsite will be soft drinks, beers, wine and snacks for sale. The evening will kick off with live music followed by a short film (fifteen minutes) produced by Chiang Mai University students. Bring your friends, your family, yourself for a fun-filled evening of great movies, and entertainment. All for a GREAT CAUSE.

Tickets can be bought at Citylife office, or email info@chiangmaicitylife.com or contact 053 225 201 to book tickets.