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 Citylife is pleased to offer this new section of our web site to all non-profit organisations to promote themselves as well as to receive aid and help as well as wider understanding of each of their causes. If you are an organisation or foundation in need of help or publicity, please feel free to enter your details, or your banner link below.
 This page has been created because Citylifes web site receives a large number of hits and we have often had inquiries by people abroad who wish to donate money to help needy causes. We also know of many such causes which lack the ability or funds to promote themselves. This page is to give them more visibility.
 Citylife takes no responsibility for any of these charities or foundations, if you should wish to donate or volunteer, we suggest that you do thorough research on the charity of your choice before doing so.
 Cat Sanctuary at Wat Pa Pao: The cat sanctuary at Wat Pa Pao needs your help.
 Rejoice Thailand: Friends against HIV in Northern Thailand
 The Grey Man: An international organisation that rescues children from the sex trade in Asia
 Kids Ark Foundation: Founded in 2000 to help children whose lives have been affected by AIDS
 Foundation Education Rural Children: Provides access to education for children in rural areas of northern Thailand
 Chiang Mai Choral Society: Music for international singers.
 Chiang Mai Disabled Center: The Foundation To Encourage The Potential Of Disabled Persons.
 Freedom Wheelchair Workshop: Provide free mobility aids to needy disabled families living in rural...
 Baan Piranan: A Resident Care Facility For Children With Cerebral Palsy in Chiang Mai.
 International humanity foundation: (IHF) has been in operation since 1985. For over 20 years, Carol Sasaki, ...
 Samsara Foundation: Samsara Foundation raises funds for education for poor hill tribe children.
 Burma Volunteer Program:: places volunteers with pro-democracy Burmese groups for a minimum of 3 months.
 Freedom House: is dedicated to assisting refugees from Burma through art and language programs.
 Volunteer Program and 1 Year Visa at CMU: Are you interested in a cross-cultural experience? Join our volunteer program!
 Care for Dogs: Dog & Cat sterilisation, adoption & health care. Can you volunteer or donate
 Thai Youth Action Programs Foundation: Youth led NGO that builds capacity of youth to become leaders in their community
 Friends for Asia: A volunteer and intern organization in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Chiang Mai Charity Calendar
Common Interest is dedicated to helping the rural poor help themselves through microfinance.
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