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Chiang Mai disabled center Vol. 12 No. 3 March 2003


This photograph shows the handover of the latest special, custom built wheelchair, made by local mechanics, with locally supplied materials, at Freedom Wheelchairs, a branch of Chiang Mai Disabled Center.
The recipient is 9 year old Komchan Saeyang (pictured above with his parents) who lives in Mae Rim. The chair was kindly donated through the sponsorship programme by Anthony and Wasana Harris of Chiang Mai.
Komchan has been severely disabled from birth and until now his parents have had to carry him everywhere. The provision of this chair, which his family were too poor to purchase, will greatly enhance Komchan’s quality of life and that of his parents.
The Freedom Wheelchairs workshop also makes children’s walking frames, a number of other products to assist disabled people, and can also manufacture specialist physiotherapy equipment to order.
Over the past year over 40 children, young adults and some older recipients have had their lives changed for the better by receiving a wheelchair specially designed for their disability and made to fit their size and shape.
A ‘buggy’ with head support, table and harness has been specifically designed to meet the needs of Cerebral Palsy sufferers, which is now regarded by many working in disability and development as the ‘new Polio’. Anyone working in this field who visits the poorer rural areas of Thailand cannot fail to be shocked at the numbers of C.P. children hidden away in the villages. Presently the Chiang Mai Disabled Center is trying to develop a ‘Wheelchair Follow-Up Programme’, which, as well as keeping a check on the chairs themselves, will give training to families and their communities aimed towards helping these children develop and gain a better quality of life.

For more information or donations please call 053 213941.

Chiang Mai disabled center      Schizophrenia
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   Review 1:
Chiang Mai Disabled CenterI would greatly appreciate you to send me a mail regarding the possibility of having an opportunity to make an appointment for me to visit your organisation as I undergoing research on Disability and planning to visit Thailand in early July . I am the head of SIA Sri Lanka ( Spinal Injuries Association ) and also the Treasurer of the National Paralympic Committee of Sri Lanka and attached to few other disability organisations on voluntary capacity . My visit would be around for 8 days in Thailand ,hence would be thankful to you to arrange some accommodation with wheelchair access including meals .I use a wheel chair as a result of an accident which took place some time back while I was studying in Russia. I could perhaps meet some of the costs that involves food and lodging. As I am planning to visit 3 more other organisations during my stay and it will all depend on the number of days I hope to stay at your establishment with regard to the distance from one place to the other.I shall in my next mail send you the other organisations I intend in visiting. I will be flying from Colombo with my personal assistant and will let you know about my travel itinerary soon.In the meanwhile I could offer my service as a Trainer to deliver few presentations on Disability if you require my services. Thanking YouBest Wishes from Sri Lanka Priyantha PeirisFounder SIA and Treasurer NPC Sri Lanka 94 724 131344 / 779166326
From: Priyantha Peiris    [ 22 May 2013 18:50:37 ]
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