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City7: Best Pizza in Chiang Mai Vol. 22 No. 3 March 2013


City 7: Best Pizzas in Chiang Mai

In this brand new column, we will pick a different subject each month and compile a list of our top 7 local picks for said subject (in no particular order).  We expect our choices to be met with much controversy, and we welcome your changes, criticisms, adulations, and insults with open arms! 

1.  The Dukes 
Served piping hot with crumbling crust that melts in your mouth, The Duke's vast pizzas have layers of goodies in every bite. A mind-boggling array of toppings will mean that you won't have any trouble returning time and again. 

Tel: 084 608 6661

2. Arcoba Leno 
At this cheery, yellow-walled Italian restaurant, located in a converted house which happens to be dangerously close to our new Citylife office (hello pizza every day!), pies are small and a bit pricey but delicious, with yummy, crunchy crusts. Don't miss the crispy bacon pizza, a worthy splurge topped with truffle oil.

3. Paradise Pizza 
At Paradise, it's all about filling your belly without emptying your wallet. It's reheat and eat, but two big slices and a soda cost only 119 baht (or add 10 baht to turn that soda into a Chang) with plenty of shake-on toppings, from basil flakes to garlic. The Hawaiian is a personal favourite.

4. Beccofino 
Delicate thin crust wood-fired oven pizzas with some very exclusive toppings (and prices to match), such as the divine white pizza with mozzarella mascapone and truffle oil and the lip-smacking Parma ham and rocket pizza. 

5. Pizza e Vino
This delightfully authentic Italian eatery serves up some of the most delicious thin crust pizzas in town. 18 inches across with a plethora of topping options and wine by the carafe. And don't forget the chilli oil dipping sauce. 

6. Girasole
With a name that means 'sunflower' in Italian, and a great location just off the Walking Street, this tiny open air restaurant is a pleasant place to settle in for excellent brick oven pizzas. Crunchy breadsticks with dipping sauce come free and there are plenty of unique toppings on offer, including mussels on the half shell.

Tel: 085 107 8170

7. Pizza n Pasta
When it comes to overall satisfaction, Pizza n Pasta can't be beat. A bit out of the way but totally worth the trip, this real New York style pizzeria - with checkered table clothes and all - serves up massive (family size is 25 inches across!), highly flavourful pies with all the fixings, customisable down to the type of tomato sauce used. Only 89 baht for a huge slice and a drink! 

City7: Best Pizza in Chiang Mai      Street Eats
l  Review  l
   Review 1:
Pim Pui serves up consistently good pizza for the last 15 years. They get my vote.
From: mari rubel    [ 13 December 2014 18:41:28 ]
   Review 2:
After reading all the reviews here Ive come to the conclusion that I must sample all the pizza in town and draw MY OWN conclusion. There is a standard in pizza, just as there is in a good steak or burger. If youve been to NYC then you know that nothing in CM is going to come close in quality to the 3 food items I mention. Im just looking for good quality in CM. Ive heard people call Paradise Pizza the best --now I had a slice there once..(once is enough) Im sure theres better in CM.
From: Joseph Teri    [ 14 August 2014 21:35:53 ]
   Review 3:
Have to agree the Dukes makes a fine american style pizza. Personally I prefer something closer to the Napolitan style. By Hand Pizza cafe is quite new and bakes with real fire and use sourdough for their crust. I cannot believe I can find pizza this good in thailand. Be warned, they only do pizza....not even deserts. Girasole used to be ok but the last couple of years the quality went down (or my taste got more sophisticated 555)Honerable mentions: mr Paul and miss Pauline on Hangdong road and street pizza
From: Nils    [ 22 April 2014 10:47:48 ]
   Review 4:
I agree with review # 3. People should refrain from using the word best, since everyone has a different standard by which they evaluate food. Your best doesnt necessarily mean my best, and visa-versa. When I get back to CM, I will try Yummy Pizza.
From: Joe    [ 16 March 2014 03:36:14 ]
   Review 5:
YOu are absolutely right and that is a lesson we learnt pertty much by the time this story came out, from now on there are no BESTS as it is subjective and we fully agree that we dont have the capacity to try every pizza joint in town. So thank you, we will just pick 7.
From: Pim Kemasingki    [ 28 March 2013 13:36:23 ]
   Review 6:
Maybe for your next issue,you should think about re wording and not using the word best! how about,great places to eat Pizza. We all work so very hard to establish our restaurants and it felt like a slap in the face to read the best
Expressing frustration is some times necessary to get attention, no offense intended! even though you expected controversy and invited us to insult and criticize you, so open up those loving arms and cop it sweet...lol
From: Toni    [ 28 March 2013 12:13:43 ]
   Review 7:
Yummy Pizza, from your many posts on our FB and here I feel as though we have put your nose out of joint a bit with this list. I am sorry but I havent been to your restaurant and I will my best to go. It is hard to review every place in town and we will make sure that we just pick 7 places in the future without using the word BEST. You are quite right and BEST is so subjective anyway, so thanks for that. But please dont keep saying that we picked our advertisers only, because that is patently untrue and is a bit mean spirited! Only one pizza place mentioned advertises. Perhaps you would like to communicate with me directly if you wish to at pim@chiangmaicitylife.com. Have a lovely day. Pim
From: Pim Kemasingki    [ 19 March 2013 12:36:37 ]
   Review 8:
Must agree that The Dukes is the best pizza in town. Yet, love of pizza is a very subjective subject. Some people swear by NYC pizza by the slice, some prefer thin crust Roman style and others Chicago Deep Dish. Its said that the best place to eat pizza is in its place of origin: Naples. Im a fan of Chicago Deep Dish but will settle for The Dukes any day.
From: Howard Weiner    [ 18 March 2013 13:45:28 ]
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