Chiang Mai Citylife Polls
  What do you think of nightlife in Chiang Mai? 
            a.)  Oh, there's nightlife in Chiang Mai?
     31.2 % (230 votes)

            b.)  Awesome! I'm never bored because there are so many bars to go to.

     31.9 % (235 votes)

            c.)  Eh. It's not bad or good. If I want to go out, I know I can, but the scene feels a little small.

     36.9 % (272 votes)
  What's your favourite Thai holiday? 
            a.)  Songkran
     81.7 % (170 votes)

            b.)  Loy Krathong

     16.3 % (34 votes)

            c.)  Macha Bucha Day

     1.9 % (4 votes)
  Best drink to cool down with during the hot season? 
            a.)  A frozen margarita.
     73.0 % (170 votes)

            b.)  A Thai iced tea.

     14.6 % (34 votes)

            c.)  A big bottle of water from the Seven.

     12.4 % (29 votes)
  Do you believe in ghosts? 
            a.)  Yes! I have had an experience
     46.7 % (170 votes)

            b.)  No! They don't exist!

     27.2 % (99 votes)

            c.)  I'm not sure

     26.1 % (95 votes)
  What are your favourite stories to read in Citylife? 
            a.)  Local profiles and interviews with interesting Chiang Mai residents
     31.4 % (170 votes)

            b.)  Regional issues and think pieces, such as the Rohingya situation in Burma

     42.9 % (232 votes)

            c.)  Reviews of new restaurants, bars and shops in Chiang Mai

     25.7 % (139 votes)
  What do you think about the swarms of Chinese tourists in Chiang Mai? 
            a.)  They're fine! Who cares?
     73.3 % (170 votes)

            b.)  They're okay but I wish they would make more of an effort to be respectful of Thai culture (and traffic laws).

     15.9 % (37 votes)

            c.)  They should go back to where they came from.

     10.8 % (25 votes)
  What's your transportation method of choice in and around Chiang Mai? 
            a.)  Motorbike. It's the easiest way to sneak through Chiang Mai traffic, and it's liberating to feel the wind in your hair during longer roadtrips.
     40.6 % (170 votes)

            b.)  Car. Motorbikes are too dangerous and cars are much more comfortable.

     5.3 % (22 votes)

            c.)  Walking, bicycling and public transportation - you can get pretty much anywhere on a songteaw.

     54.2 % (227 votes)
  If you needed to travel from Chiang Mai to Bangkok, which method would you choose? 
            a.)  Bus
     71.7 % (170 votes)

            b.)  Train

     8.9 % (21 votes)

            c.)  Plane

     19.4 % (46 votes)