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Clubbing, Pubbing and Disco Dancing

Young Thais love their nightlife, in fact, in Chiang Mai virtually every street has a drinking venue that fills up most nights. Unlike some cities in the west, Thai pubs can fill up any night of the week, so you don't have to wait until the weekend to have a good time. Most Thais buy a bottle before they go into the pub or club or buy one in there, they then buy mixers all night and share the cost, this you'll find, is a much cheaper way to spend a night boozing. If you decide to buy drinks separately it'll cost you a lot more. Some places that cater for farang won't allow you to buy a bottle, the only reason being they want more of your money! Don't touch Thai women in the disco, even of they are friendly, it is seen as impolite when you don't know them. Countless people may want to talk to you, clink glasses with you or just stare at you the whole night, try to always smile back, most places - besides the farang only clubs -  are friendly if you don't cause trouble. If you think you're a tough guy and want to start trouble then remember that fights here often end in serious injury or death. Just have fun. Watch out for karaoke joints with young girls, your bill may be much bigger than you bargained for. Always ask at these places what the cost will be before you decide to stay.