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First Dates

If you're a man dating a girl here in Chiang Mai - and I don't mean a 'short time' date - you should expect that most girls will bring along a chaperone. They may do this the second or third date too, until they think they can trust you. Girls are often suspicious of men here until they know them better. Don't ask a girl who you hardly know into your room, if you live in a condo she'll be happier to wait downstairs, a house, she'll be happier waiting outside, again, just until she knows you. It's a cultural no no for a single woman to spend time alone in your room. On the date they'll probably expect you to pay but that is up for debate, these days she may offer to pay. For western girls dating Thai men he may want to pay, then again, it could be the other way around. It's best to offer to pay and take it from there. Don't expect to jump into bed with your Thai girl after one date, in fact, don't even expect a peck on the cheek. Many western blokes talk of how it took three weeks to touch her hand. Many women still choose to wait until marriage to consummate the relationship. Casual sex is hard to come by unless it's 'serviced', expect to wait a while if you're dating other girls.