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Beating the Belly Bugs

Anyone who's spent any time in Asia will know what it's like to be bed bound by a stomach bug, it's something we all have come to accept. Nevertheless, it's something none us want to put up with a lot; there are ways to lessen the incidence of Montezuma's Revenge.

1. Drink bottled water.
2. Don't eat very spicy food.
3. Don't eat from road side stalls.
4. Wash your hands before eating.
5. Don't eat meat that's been outside all day.
6. If you get a stomach bug the doctor will more than likely give you the antibiotic, Norfloxacin; finish the prescription!
7. Drink plenty of water every day, dehydration can cause diarrhea.
8. Don't eat food that's only half re-warmed - a trait in Thailand.